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Why do we live?

I ask myself this question at least once every year. So far, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. However, for the last 2-3 days I’ve reading the manga “Alice in Borderland”, and it reminded me the following statement.

Don't try to understand the meaning of life, it is pointless.
There wasn't a specific reason behind our birth, we are just

In the end, it is not about how long you can live, it is about how well you lived. Live on your own terms. In my case these are my principles:

  • Live in the present, it is the only moment that I can do something.
  • Avoid boredom. Feel alive, I am here to enjoy this game called life.
  • Shit happens, so laugh.
  • Be in peace with myself. I am the only person with whom I will be my whole life.
             |                     |
             |  Live motherfucker! |
           __| ____________________|  
凸(`0´)凸 ___|                       ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ )

If you still unsatisfied with the life, well just say “fuck everything, let’s smoke some weed and chill out!”

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